How immigrants are redefining 'American' in Southern California

In immigration news: Deportation numbers, more calls for deportation relief, how an immigrant city evolves, more

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Deportations still high, but ICE numbers suggest first slowdown in years - Southern California Public Radio Preliminary numbers through Sept. 7 of this year suggest a slowdown in deportations by Homeland Security, at least since a record 409,849 immigrants were deported in fiscal year 2012. Immigration officials are expected to announce full year-end numbers on Thursday for fiscal year 2013.

LA City Council calls on President Obama to stop deportation of illegal immigrants - ABC News Los Angeles City Council members unanimously approved a resolution on Wednesday calling on the Obama administration to halt deportations and extend protection from deportation to more immigrants. Council members protested a record number of deportations since President Obama has been in office.

Report: More Latinos and Asian Americans favor deportation relief for immigrants - Southern California Public Radio A new survey finds that among both Latinos and Asian Americans, more people believe it’s more important that unauthorized immigrants are protected from deportation than their having a path to U.S. citizenship, although both groups support the latter. According to the report, such findings "could conceivably create an opening for legislative compromise."

Immigration remakes and sustains New York, report finds - New York Times A report called "The Newest New Yorkers" is the fifth edition since 1992 of a study by the City Planning Department that "provides a detailed statistical analysis of the city’s ever-shifting immigrant population, charting where the most recent arrivals have come from, where they have settled, the jobs they have taken and their effects on the economy."

Judge claims DHS delivering smuggled children to illegal immigrant parents - Fox News From the story: "A federal judge in Texas is accusing the Department of Homeland Security of hand-delivering children smuggled into the United States to their illegal immigrant parents...He said the 'dangerous' practice is effectively aiding human traffickers and particularly the drug cartels, which run many of these operations."

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