How immigrants are redefining 'American' in Southern California

In immigration news: House reform 'principles,' lethal force at the border, reform opponents make their case, more

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House Republicans Preparing Plan for Immigration Overhaul - New York Times House Republicans are planning to release a set of "principles" for immigration reform "near the end of the month before President Obama’s State of the Union address, as well as before their annual retreat." House Speaker John Boehner indicated the document has been in the works some time.

Numbers don't back need for lethal force at border - Arizona Republic An analysis by the newspaper suggests that at least statistically, Border Patrol agents are much less at risk for assault than police officers. From the story: "In 2012, for example, local police and sheriff’s deputies in Arizona were five times as likely as Border Patrol agents along the Southwest border to be assaulted. And assaults on officers and deputies that year were twice as likely to involve firearms."

Immigration foes dig in amid expectations in House - ABC News From the story: "More than a dozen conservative House Republicans on Wednesday signed a letter to Obama arguing that the immigration overhaul he supports would increase the number of guest workers and give work permits and permanent residency to 30 million immigrants over the next 10 years, forcing a reduction in wages and hurting American workers."

Obama picks his first Asian American deputy secretary of cabinet department - Washington Post The Obama administration has announced that Former White House cabinet secretary Chris Lu, who served during President Obama’s first term, is to be nominated for deputy secretary of Labor. If appointed, "Lu apparently would be only the second Asian American deputy secretary of a cabinet department in history, certainly in recent history."

Elderly immigrants most common victims of pedestrian accidents - ABC 7 San Francisco Among a rash of pedestrian fatalities in San Francisco, with 21 people killed just in the last year, police have noticed a trend: Most of the victims were Asian immigrants, many of them elderly.

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