How immigrants are redefining 'American' in Southern California

In immigration news: An app for reform supporters, feds to limit shackling in court, immigrants wanted in Detroit, more

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Immigration reform? There's an app for that - CNN The new app Push4Reform allows users to find out what their elected representatives' position is on immigration reform and how best to contact them. It's the outgrowth of an effort by Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg's advocacy group, which in November hosted a "hackathon" with tech-savvy young unauthorized immigrants to develop technology aimed at pushing immigration reform in Congress.

Feds to limit use of shackles at immigration court - Associated Press As part of a proposed settlement over a class-action lawsuit, federal immigration officials would limit the use of shackles on immigrants who appear in immigration court: "Under the proposed settlement, detainees will not be restrained at bond or merits hearings unless they pose a safety threat or risk of escape."

Michigan seeks visas to lure immigrants to Detroit - Associated Press The Republican governor of Michigan is planning to ask the Obama administration to set aside thousands of work visas in hopes of drawing immigrants to Detroit and reviving its shattered economy. The plan would be for these visas to go to immigrants with advanced degrees or exceptional abilities in a given field, in hopes of aiding "a city amid the largest municipal bankruptcy in U.S. history whose neighborhoods have been hollowed out by a long population decline."

A Different Kind Of Catholicism Grows In Latino Communities - NPR The Charismatic Catholic movement takes in some of the practices of Pentecostalism, which has drawn many Latinos away from the Catholic church. Latinos who have joined the movement say it allows them to have a more personal relationship with God, without having to cut their ties with the church.

Anti-Immigration Party Occupies the Center of an Uneasy Debate in Norway - New York Times From the story: "In a nation that has long prided itself on its liberal sensibilities, the intensifying debate about immigration and its effects on national identity and the country’s social welfare system has been jarring — and has been focused on the anti-immigration Progress Party, which is part of the new conservative-led government."

Asian Americans and the 'model minority' myth - Los Angeles Times One historian's take on the forthcoming book from author Amy Chua of "Tiger Mom" fame, which has raised eyebrows over its argument that there are superior "cultural" groups in the U.S. From the opinion piece: "For Asian Americans, the problem is about another Chua production that seems to perpetuate the 'model minority' myth and, in particular, the notion that Asians are culturally — even genetically — endowed with the characteristics that enable them to succeed in American society."

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