How immigrants are redefining 'American' in Southern California

In immigration news: Boehner says reform unlikely, Obama and deportation, Latino groups push for Herbalife investigation, more

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Boehner Doubts Immigration Bill Will Pass in 2014 - New York Times Although the House GOP presented a template for immigration reform last week, Republican House Speaker John Boehner admitted Thursday that it's unlikely there will be enough cooperation between political parties to pass reform this year: "The American people, including many of my members, don’t trust that the reform that we’re talking about will be implemented as it was intended to be.”

White House faces revolt on deportation policy - Politico From the story: "Already facing a mutiny from the left over the administration’s continued deportation of undocumented immigrants, the White House is trying to assure immigration reform advocates that President Barack Obama still supports a path to citizenship — a key part of any liberal-backed immigration plan."

America’s deportation machine: The great expulsion - The Economist On how "the outflow has been greater than the inflow" of immigrants recently, after years of record deportations. From the piece: "Last year America removed 369,000 undocumented migrants, an increase of nine times compared with 20 years ago (see chart 1). This takes the total number of the deported to almost 2m in Barack Obama’s presidency. While this has been going on, the number of people entering America illegally via the south-western border has dropped."

Latino, consumer groups push for Herbalife investigation - Southern California Public Radio A coalition of Latino and consumer groups has been in Washington, D.C. this week lobbying for a federal investigation into the Los Angeles-based nutritional products company's business practices. They claim the company relies on a pyramid scheme that defrauds distributors, particularly Latino immigrants. The company denies the allegations.

Swiss to vote on plan to limit immigration - Associated Press From the story: "Swiss voters are being asked to decide on a proposal to cap immigration to the Alpine republic, a long-standing demand of the country's most powerful party. If the measure is approved in a referendum Sunday, the government would have to renegotiate painstakingly forged treaties with the European Union on the free movement of workers. It could also put Switzerland — which prides itself on a long humanitarian tradition — at odds with international accords on asylum."

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