How immigrants are redefining 'American' in Southern California

In immigration news: A focus on deportations, House Dems and reform, human trafficking, more

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Young Immigrants Turn Focus to President in Struggle Over Deportations - New York Times Young people who met over the weekend in Phoenix for an annual gathering of immigrant youth activists said they're disappointed with President Obama not having taken executive action so far to ease up on deportations, and that "they would demand that he take executive action to increase protections for immigrants without papers."

House Dems may try long-shot tactic to advance immigration reform - Arizona Republic On the "discharge petition" tactic that's been floated by some House Democrats in hopes of forcing a House vote on immigration reform. It's easier said than done: "The effort likely would need the cooperation of 15 to 19 House Republicans, assuming all 199 House Democrats sign the petition and depending on which party wins four vacant House seats."

The dozen Dem holdouts on immigration - The Hill All but 12 House Democrats have signed on to co-sponsor H.R. 15, which is similar to the comprehensive immigration reform bill passed in the Senate last year. One aspect that's drawn criticism is the House bill's proposed elimination of the diversity visa program, which allows immigrants from underrepresented countries to win visas through a lottery process.

Forced labor, prostitution continues at U.S.-Mexico border - Marketplace At a Tijuana shelter that takes in victims of human trafficking, some girls are as young as 13 or 14. Some have been forced into prostitution. But human trafficking also "can mean so many things, and its scope is so vast that it becomes difficult to understand...People might keep slaves in their homes as maids, keeping them from escaping by threatening to tell the authorities that they have no papers."

AP Exclusive: Shutdown Hurt 37,000 Immigrant Cases - Associated Press Last year's federal government shutdown "delayed more than 37,000 immigration hearings by months or years for immigrants already waiting in lengthy lines to plead for asylum or green cards." Many of the immigrants affected had already waited months or years for a hearing date in the backlogged immigration court system.

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