How immigrants are redefining 'American' in Southern California

In immigration news: Obama supports House Dems on reform tactic, tech industry keeps up pressure, black immigrants, more

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Obama endorses House Dem immigration push - Politico President Obama said in a statement that he “applauds” House Democrats' decision to file a discharge petition, a procedural move intended to force a vote on a broad House immigration reform bill. Filed Wednesday, the petition needs 218 signatures from House members, making it unlikely that there will be enough Republican support.

Despite setbacks, tech industry presses on immigration reform - Fortune/CNN An interview with Joe Green of, the tech industry political advocacy group founded by Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg and other tech leaders. The group recently "highlighted polls that suggest Republicans will not be hurt with their core voters for supporting immigration reform."

L.A. Girl With Dad In Deportation Asks Pope Francis To Push For U.S. Immigration Reform - Fox News Latino Ten-year-old Jersey Vargas was one of a delegation of immigration reform advocates who traveled to Rome to meet with Pope Francis. From the story: "The talkative and self-assured Vargas quickly handed Pope Francis the engraved good-luck charm she had brought from California and received a blessing and kiss from the pope, before pleading her family’s case to the pontiff."

The changing face of citizenship - Boston Globe On the rising number of black immigrants and new citizens in the U.S. and in states like Massachusetts: "Though still small, the number of new black citizens in Massachusetts has more than doubled, to 76,000 since 2000, census estimates show, fueled by transplants from the Caribbean and, increasingly, fast-growing groups from Africa. Nationwide, the number of new black citizens has nearly doubled, to 1.8 million."

Crossing The Desert: Why Brenda Wanted Border Patrol To Find Her - NPR A woman interviewed at a Mexican border migrant shelter tells her story: "She'd come all the way from southern Mexico, and crossed the border into Arizona early this year. Then her group of migrants was spotted by the U.S. Border Patrol somewhere outside of Tucson. How did she escape? 'I ran,' she said simply, but she was separated from her group, and was soon lost in the desert."

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