How immigrants are redefining 'American' in Southern California

In immigration news: The youth movement, 'Tiger Mom' myth-busting, minors crossing border solo, more

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Young Immigrants: Impulsive or Obama's Conscience? - CNBC As efforts to overhaul the immigration system have stalled in Congress, young immigrant activists have been using bolder protest tactics as they push for reform and ramp up pressure on the Obama administration to curb deportations. They've also been asking for an expansion of deferred action - which now offers protection from deportation to certain young immigrants - to a larger group of people. A look at this movement.

Voices: Another wave of illegal immigration may be near - USA Today A recently released report points to economic shifts that could hurt Latin American economies, potentially sending more migrants north in the future. Also, "an improved outlook in U.S. sectors that tend to lure low-skilled immigrants, like construction and retail, and the conditions are ideal for unemployed Latin Americans trying to find work in America."

Why Asian American kids excel. It’s not ‘Tiger Moms.’ - Washington Post Two California scholars take on the "Tiger Mom" hypothesis in a new study, which argues that how Asian American families encourage their kids to excel is "not about coercion or some mysterious ethnic gift, they write. It’s about the way they view their horizons, with extraordinarily high expectations — so high that kids who don’t rise to the occasion feel like 'black sheep' and 'outliers.' ”

Number of children crossing the Southwest border alone surges - Arizona Daily Star From the story: "Border Patrol apprehensions of unaccompanied juveniles nationwide more than doubled from 16,067 in 2011 to almost 39,000 in fiscal year 2013 — and the government expects the number to hit 60,000 this year. The Tucson sector saw a 54 percent increase in the same two-year span, from nearly 5,900 to just over 9,000."

Boehner warns Obama on executive orders - The Hill Republican House Speaker John Boehner said in a Fox News interview Monday that immigration reform "would be 'almost impossible' if President Obama continues to sign executive orders to change the system." Some immigrant rights activists have been calling on the White House to take executive action to extend protection from deportation to more immigrants, although Obama hasn't expressed interest in this approach so far.

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