How immigrants are redefining 'American' in Southern California

In immigration news: Asylum seekers at the border, Jeb Bush defends 'act of love' immigration comment, more

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Hoping for Asylum, Migrants Strain U.S. Border - New York Times Border crossing apprehensions in Texas' Rio Grande Valley are up, but Mexican migrants no longer make up the majority. They've been replaced by migrants from Central America, and many arrive seeking asylum, fleeing not only poverty but gang violence in their native countries. Without enough space to hold them, authorities have had to release some into the U.S. temporarily, and the message has made it back home "that those who make it to American soil have a good chance of staying."

White House may slow immigration deportations unless Congress acts - Los Angeles Times From the story: "After meeting with Homeland Security Secretary Jeh Johnson, leaders of the Congressional Hispanic Caucus voiced confidence Wednesday that if the Republican-led House fails to undertake immigration reform this year, the administration will act by executive action. Last month, President Obama promised Latino leaders that his administration would review its deportation policy and enforce laws 'more humanely.' "

Jeb Bush defends calling illegal immigration an "act of love" - CBS News  Former Florida governor Jeb Bush is standing by his recent comment about migrants deciding to come to the U.S.  illegally: "Yes, they broke the law, but it's not a felony. It's an act of love. It's an act of commitment to your family." Speaking on Thursday, he added that "there is no conflict between enforcing our laws, believing in the rule of law and having some sensitivity to the immigrant experience, which is part of who we are as a country."

Jose Antonio Vargas Film 'Documented' Aims To Change Minds About Immigration - Huffington Post The documentary made by former journalist turned activist Jose Antonio Vargas chronicles his story as an unauthorized immigrant brought to the U.S. as a child from the Philippines, told against the backdrop of the immigration debate. It will be released theatrically in 10 U.S. cities before it airs on CNN this summer. Vargas came out publicly about his immigration status in 2011.

Alabama school won't let Latino teen enroll, rights group says - CNN From the story "An Alabama public high school declined to enroll a 17-year-old Latino student twice 'simply because he was born in Mexico,' the Southern Poverty Law Center said Tuesday. The teen, identified only as 'J.T.' by the SPLC, endured discrimination when he attempted to enroll at Fort Payne High School in January after moving to Alabama from Colorado, the civil rights group said."

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