How immigrants are redefining 'American' in Southern California

In immigration news: 'Narrow window' for reform, local governments and deportation, 'Fresh Off The Boat' sitcom, more

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Obama: Small window to get immigration reform done this year - Reuters In a meeting with law enforcement Tuesday in Washington, D.C., President Obama referred to a "small window" of opportunity to address immigration before the run-up to the November midterm congressional elections: "We've got this narrow window. The closer we get to the midterm elections, the harder it is to get things done around here."

How Local Governments Are Hacking Immigration Reform - The Atlantic On how a growing number of local governments are making their own decisions about carrying out federal immigration holds. From the story: "After a few years of slow but steady progress, local reform is now taking off. In the last three weeks, Philadelphia, Baltimore, Denver, and counties in Oregon, Colorado, Washington, and California have announced they will no longer help federal immigration police carry out deportations."

Border Patrol agents rarely disciplined in abuse cases, records show - Los Angeles Times More on what records reveal in alleged abuse cases. From the story: "The records suggest little accountability for alleged kicking, beating, sexual abuse and other mistreatment of detainees in custody and other immigrants by members of one of the nation's largest law enforcement agencies, one that has come under growing fire for its use-of-force policies and lack of transparency."

The First Asian-American Sitcom in 20 Years Is Coming to TV - PolicyMic On the forthcoming sitcom "Fresh Off The Boat," which is  "based on the memoir by chef and restaurateur Eddie Huang, takes place in 1990s Orlando and follows the lives of 12-year-old Huang's Taiwanese immigrant family, and the culture shock that ensues when they move from Washington D.C. to Florida."

Deportations of Central Americans increasing on U.S. southern border - Fox News Latino From the story: "Central American consulates in Arizona have registered an increase in the number of immigrants they are interviewing before they are deported along the southern U.S. border, where the migration flow has shifted from the Grand Canyon State to Texas."

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