How immigrants are redefining 'American' in Southern California

In immigration news: Detainees working for $1 a day, Secure Communities, smuggling on Texas-Mexico border, more

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Using Jailed Migrants as a Pool of Cheap Labor - New York Times In the detention centers where they are held, immigrant detainees work a series of jobs for $1 a day, sometimes less. The long-standing practice has begin to draw resistance from advocacy groups: "The federal authorities say the program is voluntary, legal and a cost-saver for taxpayers. But immigrant advocates question whether it is truly voluntary or lawful."

Homeland Security may reduce deportations of nonviolent immigrants - Los Angeles Times After a review of federal deportation policies, Homeland Security chief Jeh Johnson is reportedly "expected to recommend small but significant changes to Secure Communities, a controversial program that now ranks repeat immigration violators alongside violent criminals on the priority list for deportation."

Advocates Seek to Make Courthouses Off Limits for Immigration Officials - New York Times Federal authorities have routinely detained immigrants who show up for immigration court hearings. Now, immigrant rights advocates are trying to add immigration court to a list of locations "deemed 'sensitive,' including schools, houses of worship, hospitals and public demonstrations...Advocates argue that the use of courthouses by immigration officials deters undocumented immigrants from exercising their constitutional rights of due process."

Immigrant smugglers shift operations to South Texas border - Dallas Morning News From the story: "From Oct. 1 through May 17, agents in the southernmost tip of Texas made more than 148,000 arrests, on pace to match last year’s total in less than eight months, according to the intelligence report obtained by The Associated Press. That compares with nearly 63,000 arrests in the Tucson, Ariz., sector, which it surpassed for the first time just last year."

Immigration Activists Recreate Border Crossing Journey Through Arizona Desert - Fox News Latino Activists from the U.S., Canada, Mexico and Central America leave Monday on a trek along a desert trail used by migrants crossing from Mexico into Arizona. From the story: "The group began the march in the Mexican state of Sonora and in the coming days will cross the border on a journey of 74 miles that will bring them to Tucson next Sunday."

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