How immigrants are redefining 'American' in Southern California

In immigration news: Sweeps in Milwaukee, San Diego County stops holds, books for migrant workers, more

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San Diego County won't heed immigration holds - Associated Press The Sheriff's Department in California's second most-populous county will no longer hold people in jail just because federal  authorities have an "immigration interest." Sheriff Bill Gore's Thursday announcement comes after a federal judge in Oregon last month ruled that the rights of immigrant Maria Miranda Oilvares were being violated because she had been held for more than two weeks in jail even though she had  been sentenced to two days for being in contempt of court.

Sweep Coincides With Delay on Deportation Policy Changes - New York Times Some activists from groups including the AFL-CIO are upset with President Obama's decision to delay any changes to immigration policy for another two months. The need for action, they say, was underscored Tuesday. (The same day that the White House's intent became clear). Enforcement agents picked up 21 immigrants in Milwaukee. A handful were members of the violent Mexican Posse gang, but others had no other violations than having entered the country illegally.  Other activists — such as the United States Conference of Catholic Bishops and SEIU — have accepted the White House delay as a way to give the House more time to act on a comprehensive bill.

Public Defender System for Immigrants Facing Deportation Would Pay for Itself, Study Says - New York Times  In a new study, The New York City Bar Association makes a case for creating a public defender system for immigrants facing deportation that would be funded by the federal government. The cost is an estimated $208 million per year — but the program is expected to be self-sustaining. From the story: "The program would pay for itself by saving about the same amount in reduced government expenditures to detain and remove immigrants and in other savings associated with the overburdened enforcement system, the study says."

John Boehner's Immigration Dilemma - Businessweek Will Speaker Boehner bring immigration to a vote in the House this year? Political observers say he has until August, when House members return to their districts to campaign for mid-term elections and activity in D.C. grinds to a halt.

Once Forbidden, Books Become A Lifeline For A Young Migrant Worker - NPR  Growing up in migrant camps, picking fruit as a child, Storm Reyes said the ability to fend onself was more important than reading books. But she said her life changed when a bookmobile visited the fields where she and her family worked. She ended up going to night school and working in libraries for more than 30 years.

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