How immigrants are redefining 'American' in Southern California

California not alone in Latino population surge

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Demographers think Latinos became California's biggest racial ethnic group sometime in March — a major turning point for a state that already has the country's largest Latino population. 

But this is not a trend unique to California.  

Latino populations in New Mexico, Arizona and Colorado are all returning to levels not seen in more than a century, according to a new report from the Pew Research Center

New Mexico, in fact, reached a Latino plurality before California. Its Latino population stands at 47 percent, trailed by whites at 39 percent.

Interesting history trivia: Latinos made up an even larger share of the state population in 1900 when the state was 60 percent Hispanic and 23 percent white, according to the study.  

New Mexico Latino population

Next state poised to have a Latino plurality? Texas' Latino population is predicted to reach that point by 2023.  

Nevada and Florida are also seeing record numbers of Latinos, according to the report. Latinos made up just 4 percent of the Nevada's population in 1960 and is at 27 percent today.  Similarly, in Florida, the Latino population has risen from  3 percent in 1960 to 23 percent today.

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