How immigrants are redefining 'American' in Southern California

In immigration news: Biden going to Central America, New York 'state citizens' bill, Korean American soccer fans, more

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Biden heading to Central America to address child immigration wave - Los Angeles Times Vice President Joe Biden plans to travel to Guatemala later this week in hopes of helping counter the rising number of unaccompanied minors arriving from Central America. Part of it involves dispelling myths, including that they could be eligible for federal deferred action - which they are not: "The vice president will make a public statement on the perils of making the trek north and emphasize that the administration's program to avoid deportations of young people whose parents brought them illegally to the U.S. in previous years does not apply to new arrivals."

Undocumented immigrants in New York could become 'state citizens' under new bill - New York Daily News Those who became "state citizens" under a new New York state bill would "be able to vote in state and local elections and run for state office. They could get a driver’s license, a professional license, Medicaid and other benefits controlled by the state. Immigrants would also be eligible for in-state tuition and financial aid."

White House to honor young adults who came to US illegally - The Hill From the story: "The White House will honor 10 young adults on Tuesday who came to the United States illegally and qualified for the president’s program to defer deportation actions. Each person has qualified for the government’s Deferred Action for Childhood Arrival program, which delays removal proceedings against them as long as they meet certain guidelines."

Arizona Republicans threaten action over immigration - Washington Post From the story: "Arizona officials are threatening legal action to stop the Obama administration from moving hundreds of undocumented immigrants from Texas to their state after a surge of illegal border crossings swamped immigration officials in the Rio Grande Valley....In a letter to the Department of Homeland Security, Arizona Attorney General Tom Horne (R) insisted the department’s border security units stop the transports."

World Cup in LA: How second-generation Korean-Americans choose a team - Southern California Public Radio For some Korean Americans, rooting for the Korean national team makes them feel connected to their ancestral culture. But for other children of Korean immigrants, it's more about the game and the team they identify with most, whether it's the U.S. team or other teams they connect with, for example: "Jony Lee, who was born in Argentina, wants that country's team to win."

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