How immigrants are redefining 'American' in Southern California

In immigration news: Asian Americans in the US heartland, crossing the border at age 13, Michelle Obama's immigration pitch, more

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How Asian Immigration Is Changing America's Heartland - NBC News A look at the Vietnamese American community in Nebraska. While Vietnamese refugees who arrived after the fall of Saigon in 1975 settled mostly in California and Texas, there are smaller populations in states like Nebraska, Kansas and Oklahoma. Nebraska has also become home to immigrants from Iraq, Sudan, Bhutan and Burma.

First Lady Makes Pitch for Immigration Overhaul - Associated Press First Lady Michelle Obama made a call for action on an immigration overhaul Wednesday during a U.S. citizenship ceremony for 50 immigrants: "Yet today in Washington, folks are still debating whether or not to fix our immigration system even though just about everyone agrees that it is broken," she said.

This Is What It's Like To Cross The Border Illegally At 13 Years Old - Huffington Post A first-person account related by José Luis Zelaya, who in 2000 left Honduras for the U.S. on his own at the age of 13. He writes that he fled an abusive father and other problems: "Before I finally left, I was shot twice [by gang members in a drive-by shooting] while out playing soccer. And I could no longer live with a man who was so violent. I wanted to come to the U.S. because my mother was here."

Obama's LGBT Order Leaves Immigrant Groups Wanting More - U.S. News & World Report From the story: "President Barack Obama's plan to sign an executive order extending workplace protections to some LGBT Americans is cause for celebration within the LGBT community, but gay and transgender immigrants worry they are still being left behind."

Police: Immigrants threatened with electric shock - Associated Press Police in South Texas say that more than 40 migrants, most of them from violence-ridden Honduras, were hidden in a drop house by smugglers and were "threatened with electric shock and kept from eating if they disobeyed orders."

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