How immigrants are redefining 'American' in Southern California

In immigration news: Latino labor force now majority native-born, inside border detention centers, Texas security 'surge,' more

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Majority of Latino Labor Force Now Born in U.S., Study Finds - New York Times According to a new Pew Research report, foreign-born immigrants no longer make up the majority of the U.S. Latino labor force. From the story: "Immigrants, which includes Latinos who have come to this country legally or illegally, made up 49.7 percent of the Latino labor force in 2013, down from 56 percent in 2007, the study found."

Overcrowded, unsanitary conditions seen at immigrant detention centers - Los Angeles Times A look inside two of the facilities where Border Patrol officials temporarily hold children and families, many of them from Central America: "In Arizona, most were corralled behind chain-link fences topped with razor wire, huddling for warmth on plastic mats under flimsy metallic Mylar blankets. A television was suspended from the ceiling. Banks of portable toilets served as sanitary facilities."

Immigrant children tread treacherous political landscape - CNN On how the growing number of unaccompanied minors arriving at the U.S.-Mexico border complicates the immigration debate: "On the right are those who criticize the White House approach to immigration. They say that by relaxing deportation policies toward immigrant children and their families, the Obama administration unwittingly created conditions for some 60,000 Central American kids to flock to the United States. On the left are those, including President Barack Obama, who fault Congress, especially House Republicans, for rejecting a Senate-passed comprehensive immigration reform."

Rupert Murdoch pushes for immigration reform - Washington Post Rupert Murdoch, the director of News Corp., endorsed a path to U.S. citizenship for unauthorized immigrants in a Wall Street Journal opinion piece Wednesday. He wrote: "One of the most immediate ways to revitalize our economy is by passing immigration reform."  The Wall Street Journal is owned by News Corp.

Federal judge ‘de-fangs’ Utah’s immigration law - Salt Lake Tribune The controversial 2011 state law, known as HB497, required police to verify the immigration status of people arrested for serious crimes, and allowed them to check the status of people stopped for less serious offenses, including traffic offenses. A federal judge let the provisions stand but "said police cannot prolong a stop or detention 'merely to confirm a person’s immigration status' nor can police stop people just to check their status."

Texas leaders order “surge” to secure border - Fort Worth Star-Telegram Texas officials have directed state troopers to "begin a surge to secure the Texas-Mexico border in the wake of a growing number of immigrants flooding into the southern part of the state." Gov. Rick Perry and other top state officials have authorized a plan to spend $1.3 million a week on the additional security, with Perry saying in a statement that “Texas can’t afford to wait for Washington to act on this crisis."

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