How immigrants are redefining 'American' in Southern California

In immigration news: McCarthy's district, cartel smugglers, Prop. 187

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McCarthy’s Role Is Debated in His Land of Immigrants - New York Times As the newly-elected House Majority leader, McCarthy's job will be to bring legislation to the floor for a vote. Supporters of immigration reform hope the Bakersfield Republican will listen to constituents in an agricultural district that relies on immigrant labor and has grown to about a third Latino. The changing demographics are apparent throughout town. Some of the high schools are almost entirely Latino and the Republican mayor joins protests for immigration reform. Even the strip mall where McCarthy once owned a deli is now home to a pupusa shop and a carniceria.

Would immigration reform make border crisis better – or worse? (+video) - Christian Science Monitor Republicans trying to block immigration reform have blamed the surge in the number of unaccompanied minors crossing the US-Texas border illegally on policies of the Obama administration. These critics say that programs such as one that grants temporary legal status to young immigrants has given rise to the perception in other countries that children who come illegally to the US will get to stay upon arrival.  But this piece makes the case that the government's attempts at border control have been working: "The migrants are crossing through the Rio Grande Valley partly because federal agencies have made progress toward sealing the Arizona border."

Cruz, Abbott tour immigration facilities at Lackland AFB - Associated Press Republican critics of immigration reform U.S. Sen. Ted Cruz and Attorney General and Republican candidate for Texas governor Greg Abbott on Monday toured facilities for unaccompanied minors at San Antonio's Lackland Air Force Base. Gov. Rick Perry was also set to visit a similar facility in the city of Weslaco and has authorized "an extra $1.3 million a week in border security amid what he calls a "humanitarian crisis."'

How Mexico’s Cartels Are Behind the Border Kid Crisis - Daily Beast Mexican clergy are warning families to avoid the call of smugglers often hired by the drug cartels "to recruit desperate migrants looking for a way back into the United States." According to the story, traveling to the US is near-impossible without the permission of drug cartels: "The routes leading up to it, are controlled by some combination of the Los Zetas, Sinaloa and Knights of Templar cartels, along with a few smaller groups." Cartels charge between $3,000 and $6,000 per person.

Latino lawmakers move to reverse decades of anti-immigrant legislation - Los Angeles Times  California legislators are marking 20 years since Proposition 187 qualified for the ballot. The initiative, which was ultimately approved by 59 percent of voters in 1994, aimed to prevent immigrants in the country illegally from receiving certain services such as healthcare and education. Most of the law never took effect — it was overturned by a federal court — but a bill from Sen. Kevin De León, D-Los Angeles, would rub most of the Prop. 187 language from statute.

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