How immigrants are redefining 'American' in Southern California

In immigration news: Reform requiem, California AG urges compliance with TRUST Act, deportation rules, more

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Immigration reform effectively dead until after Obama leaves office, both sides say - Washington Post A year after the Senate approved a landmark immigration reform bill, many supporters of an immigration overhaul are by now accepting that such a plan won't happen in the near future. The failure of any reform legislation to make it through Congress after strong House GOP resistance "marks the end of an effort that both Democrats and Republicans have characterized as central to the future of their parties."

White House may delay easing deportation rules due to influx of minors - Los Angeles Times From the story: "An official familiar with the discussion says the administration has slowed plans to announce revisions to deportation policies, including one that would stop most deportations of foreigners with no criminal convictions other than immigration violations." The revisions had been forthcoming after a Homeland Security review of the administration's deportation practices.

Feds Say They Will Discourage Child Immigration - Associated Press After touring a converted warehouse in Nogales that's serving as a holding facility for child migrants apprehended at the U.S.-Mexico border, Homeland Security Secretary Jeh Johnson "warned Central American families on Wednesday that 'there is no free pass' in the U.S. immigration system." Johnson toured the facility with Arizona Gov. Jan Brewer.

California state AG urges compliance with TRUST Act in new bulletin to cops - Southern California Public Radio A year and a half after advising state and local cops that they weren't legally bound to detain immigrants at the request of federal immigration agents, California State Attorney General Kamala Harris has issued a new bulletin to cops, this time taking in the new state law known as the TRUST Act. In it, Harris points out that under the new law, how agencies handle immigration detainers is no longer discretionary.

Orange County to stop honoring immigration detainer requests - Los Angeles Times From the story: "Orange County will halt its practice of holding inmates who have been marked for possible deportation beyond the length of their jail terms, falling in line with Los Angeles and other counties." The decision was made by county officials after a federal court in Oregon ruled that voluntarily complying with detainer requests could lead to constitutional violations. 

Anti-Amnesty Group Asks Americans To Mail ‘Gently Used Underwear’ To Obama, Boehner - CBS News An anti-illegal immigration activist group is staging a protest in which they are urging people to mail dirty underwear to President Obama and House Speaker John Boehner, "in response to a government request for new briefs for the recent surge of illegal immigrants being held by border patrol."

Snakes and Thorny Brush, and Children at the Border Alone - New York Times A snapshot from a place known as the Devil's Corner in Texas' Rio Grande Valley: "Smugglers like to use this snake-infested, thorn-ridden brushland for their crossings. A federal wildlife refuge, the site is downstream from the Anzalduas Dam, where the river slows and narrows, making it easy to paddle across. The bank is strewn with worn-out sneakers, broken baby bottles and rotting life preservers, the refuse of migrants who made it across and moved on."

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