How immigrants are redefining 'American' in Southern California

In immigration news: Deportation flight to Honduras, activist Vargas detained in Texas, Arizona immigration protest, more

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Undocumented Women, Children Deported to Honduras - NBC News About 40 Honduran nationals, some of them children, were flown back to their country from New Mexico on Monday. More deportations of recently arrived Central American migrants are expected. From the story: "Homeland Security officials told NBC News the flight was just the 'initial wave' of deportations, with one saying, "We expect additional migrants will be returned to Honduras, Guatemala and El Salvador in the coming days and weeks."

Journalist Jose Vargas, symbol of immigration debate, detained at airport - CNN The former Washington Post reporter turned activist and filmmaker has been detained at a Texas airport, en route to Los Angeles. Vargas, who in 2011 revealed that he's in the U.S. illegally, had traveled to southern Texas to document the mass migration of minors and families from Central America. He was detained at the McAllen-Miller International Airport as he tried to pass through security.

Arizona Protesters Hope to Stop Immigrant Transfer - Associated Press Activists in Oracle, Arizona, near Tucson, are engaging in dueling protests over the arrival of Central American child migrants at a youth ranch there. From the story: 'The rallies demonstrated the deep divide of the immigration debate. One group waved American flags, held signs that read 'Return to Sender' and 'Go home non-Yankees'...A few miles up the road, about 50 pro-immigrant supporters held welcome signs with drawings of hearts."

White House looks at executive actions on immigration reform - The Hill According to an Obama administration spokesman, White House attorneys are "examining whether the president can use executive action to 'level the playing field' on immigration for business owners...the comments offered the first insight into what type of authorities the administration was reviewing following the president's announcement he would look to act unilaterally after comprehensive immigration reform legislation died in the House."

Lawmakers From Texas Will Offer Border Bill - New York Times Two Texas lawmakers, a Senate Republican and a House Democrat, plan to introduce a bill that would amend a 2008 law that was intended to protect trafficking victims, but in practice makes it more difficult to quickly deport minors from Central America and other countries that don't share a border with the U.S. President Obama suggested revising the law recently, when he asked Congress for emergency funding to deal with the growing number of Central American minors and families arriving at the border.

Border crisis scrambling the politics of immigration policy - Washington Post As the Central American migrant crisis unfolds, "Republicans and even some Democrats have accused Obama of being insufficiently engaged in a calamity that many say he should have seen coming. And the president’s own party is deeply divided over what must be done now — particularly on the sensitive question of deporting children who have traveled thousands of miles and turned themselves in to U.S. authorities."

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