How immigrants are redefining 'American' in Southern California

In immigration news: Transnational gangs and the Central American migrant crisis, anatomy of a racial slur, more

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Transnational gangs: The Central American migrant crisis' LA connection - Southern California Public Radio Much of the gang violence that children and families in Central America are fleeing from lately, arriving at the U.S.-Mexico border, isn't rooted in that region. It's in fact rooted in the United States, particularly in Los Angeles, part of a long and complicated history between this country and Central America in which U.S. deportation policies figure prominently.

Poll: Obama, Republicans face broad disapproval over handling of migrant crisis - Washington Post According to a new Washington Post-ABC News poll, "nearly 6 out of 10 Americans are not happy with Obama’s performance in dealing with the tens of thousands of minors who have arrived from Central America in recent months, overwhelming Border Patrol stations. All told, 58 percent disapprove of his management on the issue, including 54 percent of Latinos."

Border Crisis Casts Shadow Over Obama’s Immigration Plan - New York Times The Central American migrant crisis at the border may complicate President Obama's plans to take executive action on immigration. From the story: "Although White House officials insist that Mr. Obama has no intention of backing down on his public pledge to use executive orders to 'fix as much of our immigration system as I can,' they acknowledge that the crisis has made it much harder."

Not in my backyard: Communities protest surge of immigrant kids - CNN Protests over children and families from Central America arriving to be processed in towns like Murrieta, Calif. and more recently in Oracle, Arizona "highlight the scope and depth of challenges the Obama administration grapples with as officials try to use immigration-related fixes to resolve what politicians on both sides of the aisle have called "a humanitarian crisis."

Journalist-turned-immigration activist Jose Antonio Vargas released after border detention - Washington Post Former Washington Post journalist Jose Antonio Vargas, who revealed he lacks legal immigration status in 2011, was visiting Texas to document the migrant crisis there when he was detained at an airport Tuesday. After being held by immigration agents for about eight hours, he was released Tuesday evening with a notice to appear in immigration court.

How 'Ching Chong' Became The Go-To Slur For Mocking East Asians - NPR Tracing the history of the slur: "...'ching chong' hurled as an insult at Asian folks in the U.S. stretches back all the way to the 19th Century, where it shows up in children's playground taunts. (Because of some mysterious force, it just has to be this way: Kids' rhymes tend to have bleak roots that make us want to hit that 'restart-world -from-the-beginning-of-time' button.)"

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