How immigrants are redefining 'American' in Southern California

In immigration news: More young children at the border, controversy over migrant youth shelter, border crisis vs. executive action, more

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On Immigration, America's Concerns Are Fiery But Fleeting - NPR In a recently released Gallup poll, 17 percent of respondents named  immigration as "America's most pressing issue, narrowly topping concerns that weigh more consistently on the nation's mindset, like jobs and political leadership." It was a jump from the 5 percent who said the same thing in June, before the story of unaccompanied migrant youths at the border became national news. But the polling reflects past political flare-ups over immigration.

Report: More kids 12 and under arriving at US-Mexico border - Southern California Public Radio An analysis of government data shows that the share of unaccompanied children 12 and younger arriving at the U.S.-Mexico border is on the rise: "In fiscal year 2013, which ended last Sept. 30, nine percent of unaccompanied child migrants were 12 and younger; since last October through the end of May, 16 percent were 12 and younger."

Tempers Flare Over Temporary Shelter for Undocumented Immigrant Children - NBC 7 San Diego Controversy continues in the San Diego County suburb of Escondido over a failed plan to turn a former convalescent home into a 96-bed shelter for migrant children. From the story: "City commissioners explained the permit denial because of inappropriate and too intensive of land use, traffic, noise and safety. However, some pro-immigrant activists, like Alejandra Ramos of Fuerza, question the political agenda behind the decision."

Obama's Immigration Choices Will Define the Fate of Both Parties - The Atlantic From the piece: "One senior White House official says that while 'what's happening at the border will provide atmospherics for the [president's] decision,' it won't stop him from acting on the undocumented—probably before the midterm elections. The resulting collision over Obama's expected action could lastingly define both the Democratic and Republican parties for the burgeoning Hispanic population."

Seeking redemption in 2016, Rick Perry finds power in immigration standoff - Washington Post Texas Gov. Rick Perry lost his presidential bid in 2012, but "with tens of thousands of undocumented immigrant children streaming into Texas, the border crisis gives Perry an animating issue placing him at the forefront of Republican politics." He recently ordered National Guard troops to the Texas-Mexico border.

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