How immigrants are redefining 'American' in Southern California

In immigration news: Central American leaders come to US, Obama and executive action, kids in immigration court, more

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Central American leaders want Washington’s help with immigration crisis - Washington Post Central American leaders have come to Washington, D.C. to meet with President Obama on the border migrant crisis as children and families flee violence in Honduras, El Salvador and Guatemala. Said Honduras’s Juan Orlando Hernández in an interview: “Your country has enormous responsibility for this...The problem of narco-trafficking generates violence, reduces opportunities, generates migration because this [the United States] is where there’s the largest consumption of drugs."

Obama's immigration flip flop - Politico President Obama says he plans to soon take some kind of action on immigration, which he's so far resisted. From the story: "Despite the flow of young Central American children across the southwestern border, Obama remains committed to taking significant action, according to senior advisers and advocates who have attended recent meetings with White House officials. In other words, Obama has signaled that he intends to do exactly what he’s long said he’s unable to do."

A look inside immigration court for children - Southern California Public Radio A couple of times a week, on the high floors of a bank building near Pershing Square in downtown Los Angeles, immigration judges hear the cases of children and teens. The juvenile court dockets within the already strained federal immigration court system have become increasingly busy lately, as more children and teens from Central America have arrived at the U.S.-Mexico border solo or with family members. In Los Angeles, it's not hard to get a sense of the demand that exists.

White House Braces for Impeachment Threat After Immigration Action - U.S. News & World Report From the story: "White House aide Dan Pfeiffer says Obama is preparing to unveil his actions by the end of the summer and is poised to accept the political consequences, even if the fallout results in impeachment action by House Republicans...While House Speaker John Boehner, R-Ohio, has repeatedly quelled calls within his GOP conference to impeach Obama, he is moving forward with a lawsuit accusing the president of not enforcing the health care law."

Amid Wave Of Child Immigrants, Reports Of Abuse By Border Patrol - NPR Migrant youths have been complaining of similar treatment as adults have in the past, including "frigid holding rooms, sleep deprivation, verbal and psychological abuse, inadequate food and water, denial of medical care, and worse. Dozens of children have come forward to make complaints against Customs and Border Protection officers. The agency responds that any complaints are the result not of mistreatment, but of its stations being overwhelmed by the surge of minors."

With immigration reform off the agenda, some in tech turn to plan B - Washington Post One major tech investor is supporting the expansion of what's known as the O1A visa, "which is set aside for 'individuals with extraordinary ability or achievement' in the field of science, education, business or athletics. There is no limit to the number of O1A visas that can be distributed. In 2013, the State Department issued 12,359 -- up from 10,590 in the previous year."

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