How immigrants are redefining 'American' in Southern California

In immigration news: Jerry Brown goes to Mexico, refugee status weighed for Hondurans, border crisis bill, more

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Jerry Brown to meet in Mexico with religious leaders on immigration crisis - Sacramento Bee California Gov. Gov. Jerry Brown will be in Mexico this week, meeting to discuss the border migrant crisis with religious leaders. He also plans to meet with Mexican president Enrique Peña Nieto. From the story: "Brown told reporters in Sacramento last week that he wants to 'deal with some of the issues on the refugees' when he is in Mexico, but he did not say what, if anything, that might include."

The new land of opportunity for immigrants is Germany - Washington Post Germany has reportedly surpassed other countries to become the second-biggest destination for immigrants next to the United States. These days, "the government is rolling out a red carpet by simplifying immigration procedures, funding free language classes, even opening “ welcome centers” for newcomers looking to carve out a piece of the German dream."

U.S. Considering Refugee Status for Hondurans - New York Times On a tentative Obama administration plan to consider admitting Honduran youths to the U.S. on humanitarian grounds. The intent would be to stem the traffic of migrants arriving at the southern border from Honduras, which has the world's highest murder rate. If successful, the pilot program could be adopted to also apply to migrants from Guatemala and El Salvador, the two other top countries from where unaccompanied youths have been arriving. 

Will House pass 'skinnied down' bill to tackle child immigration crisis? - Christian Science Monitor From the story: "On Sunday, Texas Democratic Congressman Henry Cuellar and Texas Sen. John Cornyn were both on ABC's "This Week," pitching their solution to the child migrant crisis. Senator Cronyn said he expects the House of Representatives to offer a 'skinnied-down' emergency funding bill in response to President Obama's $3.7 billion request to tackle the US-Mexico border crisis.  The House bill is expected to be less than $1 billion."

Texas Guard troops don't get arrest powers at border -- yet - Los Angeles Times On the deployment of National Guard troops to the Texas-Mexico border, ordered last week by Gov. Rick Perry: "Because the troops were deployed by Perry and not federal officials, experts said Perry can allow them to make arrests and apprehensions. But will he? The governor's office says no, at this point, but some local officials in the border region and immigrant advocates expressed concern about the possibility."

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