How immigrants are redefining 'American' in Southern California

In immigration news: Jeh Johnson's summer, Rand Paul and the 'Dreamers,' visa limits, and more

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Open to Both Sides, Homeland Security Chief Steps Into Immigration Divide - New York Times One of Homeland Security Chief Jeh Johnson's hallmark traits is being able to work with all sides. He's angered Democrats and pleased Republicans by pushing to expedite deportations of the Central American minors who've been crossing the southwest border over the last year in increasing numbers. At the same time, he's welcomed anti-war group Code Pink into his office, and is consulting Pres. Obama about an executive order that may defer deportations for possibly millions of immigrants in the country illegaly.

Firms bemoan stalled changes on visa limits - Boston Globe High-tech businesses say the hold-up over comprehensive immigration reform is creating a shortage of high-skilled foreign workers. From the story: "Intel, with 1,400 workers in Hudson, is lobbying the Obama administration to take executive action on several fronts, including reducing the green card backlog so that qualified candidates do not have to wait years for permanent residency."

Rand Paul denies fleeing ‘kamikaze interview’ with ‘dreamers’ - Washington Post (blog) A widely-circulated video of a fundraiser for Republican Congressman Steve King shows him being accosted by a young woman who came illegally to the US as a child, but has been able to stay because of the Deferred Action for Childhood arrivals program. To the amusement of comments on social media, the video also shows Sen. Rand Paul of Kentucky, who'd been eating a burger, hastily leaving the event. Paul told Fox News that he had to go do another interview. 

Schools 'holding breath' as immigrant children arrive - USAToday As many as 50,000 immigrant children may start attending US schools this fall, many of them the minors who crossed the southwest border on their own. School officials say it will be a challenge educating these students who have language barriers and may not have been to school before.

Denver bids to bring in 1,800 immigrant children - 9News  Cities around the country such as Denver are filing for federal grants to house some of the migrant children. The Denver application calls for four new caseworkers to work with an estimated 600 children a year for three years.


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