How immigrants are redefining 'American' in Southern California

In immigration news: What executive action may look like, immigration court problems, Latinos and race, more

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Two Ways President Obama Could Act On Immigration - NPR President Obama is expected to take some kind of executive action on immigration by the end of the summer. Legal experts and advocates say this could include changes such as expanding temporary legal status under the deferred action program to a larger group of people, or allowing people who are in the U.S. illegally to apply to adjust their status without having to leave the country.

GOP Ads Go On Attack Over Border - Wall Street Journal From the story: "New television ads by Republican Senate candidates in Arkansas and New Hampshire blame the recent surge of illegal immigration on Democratic support for 'amnesty.' And in Maine, Republican Gov. Paul LePage is bashing his Democratic challenger for supporting government welfare for illegal immigrants."

Clogged Immigration Courts Slow Hearings - Wall Street Journal The immigration court cases of Central American families and minors recently apprehended at the border are being moved up, while other immigrants cases are "getting moved further back, worsening a chronic U.S. immigration-court backlog that for many people means waiting years for a hearing."

How the U.S. Sold Out Indian Asylum Seekers on the Border - Daily Beast The story of more than 40 Indian Sikhs who went on a hunger strike last spring at a U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement processing center in El Paso. The men had been held in detention for almost a year after crossing into the U.S. from Mexico and asking for political asylum.

Voices: What does a Latino look like? - USA Today More on the overlooked cultural, racial and geographic diversity of Latinos, who range from black to brown to white and all shades in between. From the story: "At the crux of the debate among Latinos is how dark-skinned Hispanics are often overlooked — for jobs, media coverage and overall opportunity — in favor of their lighter-skinned brethren."

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