How immigrants are redefining 'American' in Southern California

In immigration news: Executive action, a school for newcomers, Border Patrol shootings, more

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Behind Closed Doors, Obama Crafts Executive Actions - New York Times Lobbyists and interest groups have been making their cases privately to President Obama, who stated earlier this summer that he would take action on immigration in the near future. From the story: "White House officials say Mr. Obama has been inclusive as he looks to wield his authority, reaching out to an array of lawmakers, experts and business leaders for a wide range of perspectives to inform his plans for executive actions."

GOPers take on different immigration strategies to woo voters - MSNBC On how Republican candidates might handle immigration as the midterm elections approach. From the story: "A strict stance will still likely play well with the conservative base. But it goes against the GOP’s autopsy report following Mitt Romney’s loss in 2012, and the party’s acknowledgement that it needed to be more inclusive of minorities – particularly Latinos – if it wants to increase its chances of a Republican win in 2016."

S.F. school for immigrants offers soft landing to new kids in town - San Francisco Chronicle On San Francisco's Mission Education Center, a K-5 "newcomer" school for kids who are recent arrivals from Central America. This year the school has many new students from Honduras, El Salvador and Guatemala, most of whom arrived in the U.S. over the summer. 

Border Patrol killings face renewed scrutiny - CBS News More on the recent characterization of several Border Patrol shootings as "suspect" by Jim Tomsheck, a former head of of internal affairs for U.S. Customs and Border Protection. Part of his job was reviewing fatal use-of-force cases involving agents, 28 of which have occurred since 2010. 

In South Texas, Few On The Fence Over Divisive Border Wall Issue - NPR From the story: "The federal government has spent $2.3 billion to build the fence — 649 miles of steel fencing, in sections, between the U.S. and Mexico, designed to help control the illegal movement of people and contraband. It's called tactical infrastructure, and the Border Patrol says it works. But people on the lower Texas border have another name for it: a boondoggle."

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