How immigrants are redefining 'American' in Southern California

In immigration news: Feds stop search for extra child shelter space, CA officials propose legal help for migrant kids, state immigration laws, more

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U.S. drops search for new shelters to house child immigrants - McClatchy The White House has reportedly abandoned its search for additional shelter space for unaccompanied migrant minors, after the number of children and teens arriving at the U.S.-Mexico border has declined. Three emergency shelters set up at military bases have shut down, including one in Ventura County, Calif. that opened in June.

Gov. Brown announces legislation to provide migrants kids with legal help - Southern California Public Radio Legislation announced Thursday by California Gov. Jerry Brown and other state officials proposes providing $3 million to qualifying non-profits to provide legal help for unaccompanied child minors, the majority of whom land in the immigration court system without legal representation.

Obama action on immigration could affect midterms - Arizona Republic Planned executive action on immigration by the White House could "risks hurting the re-election campaigns of some fellow Democrats in the Senate and House by angering Republicans voters and spurring them to the polls. A political backlash could help Republicans retake the Senate in the coming November elections if Obama's ­action drives more angry Republican voters to the polls."

With Congress Gridlocked On Immigration, States Pursue Their Own Solutions - Huffington Post From the story: "States have enacted a total of 132 immigration-related laws this year, according to the report. The number is only slightly down from last year, even though some states, including immigration hot spot Texas, held no legislative session this year. Seven states approved resolutions calling on Congress or the White House to act on a variety of immigration issues from deportation policy to a general overhaul of federal laws."

Lawsuit Filed Over Immigrants' Access to Lawyers - Associated Press Democratic Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid has apologized in a statement for two Asian-themed jokes during a speech Thursday at the Las Vegas Asian Chamber of Commerce. One example: "The Asian population is so productive. I don't think you're smarter than anybody else, but you have convinced a lot of us you are." Reid later said his comments were "in extremely poor taste."

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