How immigrants are redefining 'American' in Southern California

In immigration news: How executive action could prompt a budget war, voluntary return settlement, an immigration court judge speaks out, more

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Immigration could set stage for big U.S. budget showdown - Reuters Republican lawmakers opposed to President Obama's plan to take executive action on immigration are reportedly "threatening to tie a must-pass budget bill to the issue, making for a possible showdown in September and raising the specter of a government shutdown." Obama has said he'll take action on immigration alone, blaming GOP leaders for the failure of immigration reform in Congress. White House officials have said the threat of a shutdown won't deter Obama's plans.

Obama suggests he'll need more time on immigration policy - Los Angeles Times From the story: "One proposal under discussion would delay a decision on the more sweeping and controversial changes under consideration until after the November midterm election, according to a White House official familiar with the discussions." This proposal would have President Obama announce immigration enforcement measures first, then tackle the deferment of deportation for more immigrants until the end of the year. 

Voluntary return immigration settlement: What happens next? - Southern California Public Radio A settlement this week between the American Civil Liberties Union and the Department of Homeland Security requires immigration authorities to inform immigrants of their rights before they agree to voluntarily return to their native countries; it stems from a 2013 lawsuit in which several Mexican immigrants alleged they were coerced into returning. The settlement allows some people who were voluntarily returned to Mexico to apply to come back to the U.S., although there will be hoops for them to jump through.

Mass arrests outside White House as protesters ask relief for illegal immigrants - Washington Post A rally Thursday outside the White House by protesters demanding that more immigrants be protected from deportation led to more than 140 arrests. Among those arrested was a member of Congress from Maryland, labor and immigrant advocacy leaders. Protesters says the arrests "were part of a civil disobedience campaign aimed at putting pressure on President Obama to enact broad leniency for illegal immigrant families and workers."

Understaffed immigration judges face rise of migrant cases - Southern California Public Radio An interview with a veteran immigration court judge highlights just how underwater the nation's immigration court system is - with a backlog of more than 375,000 cases as of June - and how the recent wave of unaccompanied minors from Central America has added to the strain. It's the third installment in a three-part series on minors in the immigration courts, with a look at court through a migrant teenager's eyes and an overview of the immigration court system.

For some immigrant parents, keeping kids home better than preschool - Southern California Public Radio In some cultures, young children have traditionally stayed home with a parent or other relatives, from whom they receive their earliest education. This is illustrated by a recent report from the Migration Policy Institute, which finds children of recently arrived immigrants being left out of the expanding early education system in the U.S.

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