How immigrants are redefining 'American' in Southern California

In immigration news: Feds say migrant kids not mistreated, concern over border militias, immigrants risk losing insurance, more

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US: No Wrongdoing in Handling Child Immigrants - Associated Press A investigation by federal authorities has been "unable to substantiate 16 accusations by advocacy groups that the government packed into frigid cells children caught crossing the border alone, made them sleep on hard floors and provided inadequate food or medical care." In June, advocates had complained of  the "systematic abuse" of unaccompanied migrant minors. Officials say other complaints are still being reviewed.

Border officials grapple with issue of armed militias after shooting incident - Washington Post An incident Friday during which a U.S. Border Patrol agent fired shots at an armed man who turned out to be be a militia member is "prompting officials to consider talks about how to deal with the influx of uninvited volunteers who have flocked to the Southwest border in recent weeks." In another incident this month, "agents mistook seven militia members as part of a law-enforcement tactical team after they appeared out of the dark dressed in camouflage and carrying rifles."

Problems Abound With Health Law Immigration Papers - Associated Press Hundreds of thousands of immigrants who bought health insurance via the Affordable Care Act must provide proof they are in the country legally or risk losing their coverage soon, "but language barriers and computer glitches are hindering efforts to alert them."

On immigration, will Obama shape his legacy or the next election? - Los Angeles Times From the story: "With immigration, Obama has landed on an issue that carries both risk and reward — according to some Democrats, it carries reward for him and immoderate risk for them. It's a place familiar to second-term presidents, who often look for bold, history-making moves as they eye the end of their time in office while their allies in Congress look squarely at the next election."

Influx of African Immigrants Shifting National and New York Demographics - New York Times From the story: "Between 2000 and 2010, the number of legal black African immigrants in the United States about doubled, to around one million. During that single decade...more black Africans arrived in this country on their own than were imported directly to North America during the more than three centuries of the slave trade." Many have settled in New York State, but states like California, Florida, Georgia and others have also drawn recent African expats.

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