How immigrants are redefining 'American' in Southern California

Survey says: Latinos still favor Obama, and his same-sex marriage stance makes little difference

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President Barack Obama at a campaign event in Redwood City, Calif., May 23, 2012

A conservative group is capitalizing on President Obama's less-than-popular record on immigration as a way to appeal to Latino voters, while Republican candidate-apparent Mitt Romney is talking up the economy as an alternate way of reaching out to Latinos. But in spite of all this, a new poll suggests that Romney still has much ground to cover.

Released by NBC, the Wall Street Journal and Telemundo, the poll shows 61 percent of 300 Latino adults surveyed earlier this month supporting Obama for reelection, versus 27 percent who support Romney. Among other things, a majority of respondents gave Obama the thumbs-up for his handling of the economy. And as for his recently-stated position in support of same-sex marriage, that didn't appear to make much of a difference.

A few highlighted questions and results from the poll:


Mitt Romney, the son of a chihuahuense?

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Buried at the bottom of an Associated Press story that ran in the El Paso Times today is a nugget that Latino tweeters have been seizing on: Mitt Romney's dad was from Chihuahua.

This isn't the first time the story of George Romney has come up, but it has surfaced again now that the younger Romney has announced his bid for the presidency in 2012. The elder Romney, former governor of Michigan, was born in the northern Mexican state of Chihuahua in a community established in the 1880s by Mormons, who fled to Mexico from the United States to escape persecution.

There are still Romneys in Chihuahua today, distant relatives of the Republican former Massachusetts governor. And they, like other Mexicans, are dealing with the troubles affecting that part of the country. From the story in the El Paso Times: