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The roar of the Tiger Mother

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This has been the week of the Tiger Mother, and it's not over yet. Since last weekend, when the Wall Street Journal published an essay by author and Yale law professor Amy Chua titled "Why Chinese Mothers are Superior," Chua has become perhaps the most notorious parent in America, setting off a firestorm of controversy over the parenting techniques she described in the essay and in her memoir, "Battle Hymn of the Tiger Mother."

It's not suprising given some of the content: Among other things, Chua described a parenting regimen that deprived her two daughters of play dates, sleepovers, television and computer games in favor of piano and violin practice, along with incidents like once calling one of the girls "garbage" and rejecting the children's homemade birthday cards.

After receiving what she described as “hundreds, hundreds” of e-mails and even death threats, Chua defended herself in an interview with The New York Times that ran this weekend, explaining that her sense of irony and self-mockery was misunderstood. In the meantime, a series of spoof sites have emerged, from an alternately hilarious and painful to watch animated video to a "Tiger Mom Says" Tumblr.