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First part of California Dream Act headed to governor's office

Photo by Jens Schott Knudsen/Flickr (Creative Commons)

One of two bills referred to as the California Dream Act was approved today by the state senate and is headed to Gov. Jerry Brown's office for approval. Known as AB 130, the measure would allow undocumented college students access to privately funded financial aid in the form of scholarships and other assistance as overseen by state colleges and universities.

The bill does not, however, provide them with the state-funded public financial aid that U.S. citizen and legal resident students are entitled to. A companion bill known as AB 131 that would allow undocumented students access to public financial aid remains in the Senate and has yet to move beyond the committee stage. Broader public financial aid programs such as Cal Grants remains off limits.

Here's a legislative summary of what was approved today: