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It's a Small World: The story of the 'Disney visa'

Photo by Bart Hanlon/Flickr (Creative Commons)

Ever hear of a "Disney visa?" If you haven't, a fascinating article in the Florida Law Review explains that and more about what it terms "The Wonderful World of Disney Visas."

And what a world it is.

An excerpt from the abstract, posted this morning in the ImmigrationProf Blog, sets it up:

International workers play an important role in perpetuating the carefully crafted fantasy that to visit the Walt Disney World Resort in Orlando, Florida is to be transported to far-off destinations around the globe.

This article examines how Disney has filled its need for these workers in two ways. For one, Disney has used a blend of chutzpah and ingenuity to forge new federal law establishing the Q visa. Additionally, Disney has dexterously used the existing J visa, along with an on-resort academic program, to bring international workers to Florida as students.