How immigrants are redefining 'American' in Southern California

A reading (and listening) list for the Florida primary

Photo by Calsidyrose/Fickr (Creative Commons)

It may or may not be a stretch to call it "the Latino primary," as some have called it, but there's no question that Florida's sizeable and evolving Latino electorate will play a big role in determining whether Republican presidential candidate Mitt Romney (the likely winner) or Newt Gingrich wins today's primary election in the Sunshine State.

As they and the other GOP candidates have spent the past two weeks wooing Florida's Latinos, a good part of the media discussion has revolved around immigration and how much it matters to Latino voters, and whether the harsh rhetoric seen earlier in the campaign could cost the party in November. There are broader questions, such as whether Florida's changing Latino voter profile will once again favor President Obama, who has been struggling with Latinos, or the GOP, which is struggling even more. Nationwide, even as Obama's Latino approval ratings slip, does a Republican candidate stand a chance with Latino voters in the fall?