How immigrants are redefining 'American' in Southern California

Does new evidence in the Shaima Alawadi murder change discussion about hate crimes?

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Shaima Alawadi

The murder of Iraqi immigrant Shaima Alawadi in late March sent ripples of fear through Muslim immigrant communities in the U.S., and internationally, after police announced they were investigating it as a possible hate crime due largely to a hateful note found next to her. But with police evidence now pointing elsewhere, the conversation surrounding Alawadi's death has shifted.

Comment-board discussions beneath news reports that police found a history of family troubles and a potential divorce have ranged from anti-Islamic cracks and talk of "honor killings" to a general dismissal of hate crimes and racial profiling. From one posted under a story in The Blaze by Justpeachy:

Hmm sounds like trying to kill two birds with one stone: a coverup for murder and trying to perpetuate the idea of “violence” against Islam. The left’s favorite dessert, served up–too bad for them the topping’s beginning to melt, just as some of it is on the Zimmerman/Trayvon case...