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More Latinos in U.S. colleges than ever as enrollment keeps rising


Photo by sea turtle/Flickr (Creative Commons)

The Pew Hispanic Center has a new report out today that documents the continued rise of Latino student enrollment, from public elementary school through college.

For the first time, Latino college students now make up the largest minority group in the nation’s four-year colleges and universities; last year, another Pew report showed Latino enrollment spiking. Also for the first time, Latinos make up one-quarter of students 18-24 enrolled in two-year colleges.

Altogether, there are more than two million Latinos ages 18-24 enrolled in U.S. colleges and universities, accounting for a record 16.5 percent share of enrollments.

Another milestone was reached on public school campuses, where one in four public elementary school students in the United States is now Latino. Between pre-kindergarten and 12th grade, a record 23.9 percent of the student population in 2011 was Latino, according to the report.