How immigrants are redefining 'American' in Southern California

Report: First and second generation to be a third of U.S. population by 2040

Source: University of Southern California

report released today by the University of Southern California that projects the growth of immigrant generations in the United States has the second-generation children of immigrants poised to make up a larger share of the overall U.S. population in coming years, more so than they have in the past.

Published by USC's Population Dynamics Research Group, the report projects changes in the population of foreign-born immigrants and their descendants through 2040. It predicts slower growth in the foreign-born immigrant population, but growth all the same, with foreign-born immigrants due to comprise 16.7 percent of the population by 2040 (up from 13.2 in 2010).

The growth of the second generation - which includes the older second-generation children of immigrant parents who arrived long ago - has taken a different trajectory over the years, interestingly. Now it's on a steady climb: