How immigrants are redefining 'American' in Southern California

Mitt Romney's son in new TV ad: 'My grandfather George was born in Mexico' (Video)

Earlier this year in an interview with Univision, Republican presidential candidate Mitt Romney talked about how he felt it would be "disingenuous" of him to claim Mexican heritage, although his father and grandfather were born in Mexico as descendants of Mormons who migrated from the United States. But as polls show how badly Romney needs Latino voter support, no more.

In a new Spanish-language TV ad addressing immigration, his son Craig Romney, a fluent Spanish speaker, talks about how his father values "that we are a nation of immigrants" and says: "My grandfather George was born in Mexico."

It's not the proverbial hair net that comic George Lopez invoked during his recent standup tirade, in which he accused Romney of not wanting to admit to being Latino. But it's significant.

From a transcript of the Univision interview in January, here’s how Mitt Romney explained his position on his ethnic identity: