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Three great St. Patrick's Day tweets

Photo by st_gleam/Flickr (Creative Commons)

Whether you're wearing green today or not, you've likely been on Twitter, where people are posting St. Patrick's Day greetings, random thoughts, history tidbits, and far too many updates - which will only worsen through the night - on what they are eating or drinking.

And some funny little quips, too.

Here are two from L.A.:

Celebrate the Irish, Europe's Chicanos...
- from @ laloalcaraz

Today is like gringo Cinco de Mayo.
- from @ El_Danny_Trejo (who is "Not Danny Trejo")

And one from Chicago:
Yep. Stopped at the Mexican restaurant in my German neighborhood for St. Patrick's Day dinner.
- from @mrlwe

If the last guy had a green margarita instead of that nasty green beer, hats off to him.

Happy St. Patrick's Day.


St. Patrick’s Day L.A.-style: Taco specials in Bell, Irish whiskey in Koreatown

Photo by TK/Flickr (Creative Commons)

Yes, it's the Irish Nachos, that pinnacle of culinary fusion. A Guinness helps.

It's St. Patrick's Day, the religious feast day turned celebration of Irish culture that in the United States is, well, marketed to and celebrated by everybody. And in the Los Angeles area, it's celebrated in parts of town where Irish tradition isn't the first thing that comes to mind.

In Bell, the taqueria Tacos El Unico has posted green shamrock-studded coupons on its Facebook page for a "St. Patrick's Day Exclusive" special of street tacos and mini cheeseburgers.

In Boyle Heights (named for Irish immigrant and settler Andrew Boyle) the Chicano hipster bar Eastside Luv Wine Bar y QUEso is celebrating what it's calling “St. Pochi's Day,” a St. Patrick's Day party and a celebration of Eastside-bred pochismo rolled into one. “St. Pochi's is kind of tipping our hat to the Irish, and not so much being satirical but more of being a show of respect,” explained bartender Ed Castellon.