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Sandy tragedy in Staten Island: Would you have let Glenda Moore in?

Superstorm Missing Boys

Seth Wenig/AP

Glenda Moore, and her husband, Damian Moore, react as they approach the scene where at least one of their childrens' bodies were discovered in Staten Island, New York, Thursday, Nov. 1, 2012.

One of the most unsettling stories from Superstorm Sandy involves the deaths of two brothers, Connor and Brandon Moore, ages 4 and 2. Rising water tore them from their mother's arms in Staten Island on Monday evening.

The boys are the storm's youngest known victims, and that they died is sad enough. But there is also outrage brewing over the circumstances under which they died. News reports say their mother, Glenda Moore, was fleeing Staten Island with her children in the back of her SUV, headed for a relative's home in Brooklyn, when her car plunged into a watery ditch. She and her sons got out, clinging to tree branches for some time until Moore sought help.

A CNN report says Moore later told police that she approached a nearby house where the occupant would not let her in. She then tried to enter through the back, hoping to break in using a flower pot. That didn't work. Eventually, the water swept her children away. Their bodies were found yesterday after a lengthy search.