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Japan quake draws links, comments and prayers on Facebook

Photo by Making-Things-Better/Flickr (Creative Commons)

As has become the norm during world events lately, one of the ways in which people have been getting togehter to provide information, ask questions or simply comment on the killer earthquake that struck Japan yesterday afternoon is on Facebook.

In the time since the quake hit off the country's northeast coast, a series of English-language pages dedicated to the earthquake have sprung up on which people are posting good wishes or valuable tools, like links to the bilingual Google Person Finder page specific to the disaster.

Some Japanese American Facebook group pages have been active also, like that of the Japan Society of San Diego and Tijuana. From the page this morning:

My family in Yokohama said this is the biggest earthquake ever felt there. 10 hours later, the land was still shaking. They have their shoes on in the house ready to evacuate!! I could not get hold of them by phone, but I did through email which went to their cell phone as a form of text. (Thank goodness for the internet!!) My heart goes to the people in Miyagi where devastating Tsunami hit.