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'I have a quick question...': Questions from deferred action applicants pour in

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Photo by Marcus Ramberg/Flickr

A post from last week with a few basics on who can apply for deferred action, a form of temporary legal status under a new policy benefiting young undocumented immigrants, has drawn more than150 comments so far.

Most of these have been questions from hopeful applicants. What has resulted is a broad question-and-answer forum on the site, with several people providing the answers, some less correct than others.

As more questions come in, I've passed them along to an immigration attorney, who has been posting answers directly to the comment thread.

The application process is complicated, requiring extensive documentation proving that applicants meet age, residency and other requirements. Among other things, they must have entered the United States prior to turning 16, have lived here for five consecutive years, have a record free of serious criminal offenses and have been no older than 30 as of last June 15.