How immigrants are redefining 'American' in Southern California

Quote of the moment: A top DHS official on illegal immigration and the labor market

Photo by Jim Greenhill/Flickr (Creative Commons)

A stretch of fence along the U.S.-Mexico border at Nogales, Arizona, June 2006

"Until we have a legitimate labor market between Mexico and the United States, people will attempt to come here to work."

- Alan Bersin, Commissioner of U.S. Customs and Border Protection, in Tucson last Friday

Yesterday's Arizona Daily Star featured an interview with Bersin, one of the top officials in the Department of Homeland Security. He addressed the unfeasibility of sealing the border and the need for reforms to the nation's immigration system.


Because it's Friday: 'Machete'

I'm not a fan of gore by any means, but I can't wait to see this film. Any movie that is supposedly going to start a race war, according to one radio talk-show host, is something I have to see.

The film, which opens nationwide today, stars veteran Danny Trejo, he of the deeply etched facial skin and stringy long hair, as former Mexican cop who fled the cartels and now works as a day laborer in Texas. He is hired to assassinate a brazenly anti-immigrant senator (played by Robert De Niro), but the assassination goes awry and all hell breaks loose.

It has been lovingly labeled as "Mexploitation" by its director, Robert Rodriguez, a spinoff of a fake trailer in Rodriguez's earlier film "Grindhouse" that promises to be equally liberal with the blood and guts (at one point, the hero is said to escape from a hospital using tripas - yes, intestines - for rope). And while all I've seen are the trailers, the film appears to laugh at itself the entire way through.