How immigrants are redefining 'American' in Southern California

In immigration news: Disenchanted Latino voters, legacy of Filipino farmworkers, kids' court

Philip Vera Cruz and Larry Itliong ufw awoc filipino farmworkers

Photo by Timothy Biley via Flickr Creative Commons

A Mural in Historic Filipino Town features Filipino labor leaders Philip Vera Cruz and Larry Itliong.

Hopes Frustrated, Many Latinos Reject the Ballot Box Altogether - New York Times Latino voting participation has been growing, but some organizers worry about losing some of those gains because of increasing disenchantment with President Obama, who's been nicknamed "deporter-in-chief" and lack of action on immigration, an issue the Republican-controlled House has sidelined since the summer.

DHS document: 68,000 illegal immigrants with criminal convictions released in 2013 - The Hill  According to the story, a think tank that wants stricter enforcement of immigration laws acquired an internal Department of Homeland Security document through a lawsuit showing the agency released nearly 68,000 immigrants with criminal convictions in 2013. The Center for Immigration Studies has been critical of the president's plan to review enforcement policies, under pressure from immigration activists. A spokeswoman for Immigrations and Customs Enforcement did not respond immediately for the story.


#CancelColbert: Suey Park, the activist behind the hashtag


Suey Park

Suey Park, the freelance writer, who ignited a campaign against The Colbert Report with her tweets hashtagged #CancelColbert.

For the record, Suey Park does not like the term "hashtag activism." A freelance writer from the Chicago area, Park says her crusades against sexism and racism go beyond pithy one-liners on Twitter.

But Park, who is 23, doesn't deny she’s got a freakish aptitude for making Twitter campaigns go viral.

"I think I've definitely figured out the trick to make hashtags trend," Park said. "I know what drives  corporations and Twitter kind of crazy."

She's taken aim at everything from racial stereotyping (#NotYourAsianSidekick #BlackPowerYellowPeril) to popular network television shows that have white actors play Asian roles (#HowIMetYourRacism #SaturdayNightLies).

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Her most recent target is the fake news show The Colbert Report. She started the #CancelColbert hashtag on Thursday, after the Twitter account for the Comedy Central program tweeted this punchline from an earlier show:


In immigration news: Obama supports House Dems on reform tactic, tech industry keeps up pressure, black immigrants, more

Democratic Caucus Chairman Xavier Becerra (D-LA)

Kitty Felde/KPCC

House Democratic leaders that include Rep. Xavier Becerra of Los Angeles are using a rare procedure known as a discharge petition to try to force a House vote on immigration reform. President Obama has expressed his support for the move this week.

Obama endorses House Dem immigration push - Politico President Obama said in a statement that he “applauds” House Democrats' decision to file a discharge petition, a procedural move intended to force a vote on a broad House immigration reform bill. Filed Wednesday, the petition needs 218 signatures from House members, making it unlikely that there will be enough Republican support.

Despite setbacks, tech industry presses on immigration reform - Fortune/CNN An interview with Joe Green of, the tech industry political advocacy group founded by Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg and other tech leaders. The group recently "highlighted polls that suggest Republicans will not be hurt with their core voters for supporting immigration reform."

L.A. Girl With Dad In Deportation Asks Pope Francis To Push For U.S. Immigration Reform - Fox News Latino Ten-year-old Jersey Vargas was one of a delegation of immigration reform advocates who traveled to Rome to meet with Pope Francis. From the story: "The talkative and self-assured Vargas quickly handed Pope Francis the engraved good-luck charm she had brought from California and received a blessing and kiss from the pope, before pleading her family’s case to the pontiff."


Census: LA County surpassed 10M residents in 2013


New census data shows Los Angeles County as having the country’s biggest population of international migrants while, at the same time, native births are ticking slightly up.

New U.S. Census population estimates released Thursday confirmed that Los Angeles County broke 10 million residents in 2013, making it the nation's most populous.

The data confirmed what the California Department of Finance announced late last year.

The population of California as a whole also kept growing for the third straight year, adding more than 330,000 people between 2012 and 2013. In Southern California, growth occurred in Orange, Riverside, San Bernardino and Ventura counties between 2012 and 2013; Los Angeles had the nation's third-largest population increase, with more than 65,000 new residents.

The new data — available on the Census' official website and highlighting the nation’s 10 fastest-growing metropolitan areas in the year ending July 1, 2013 — also found that Los Angeles County had the country’s largest increase of international migrants while, at the same time, native births in the region ticked slightly up.


LA immigration activists press Obama to stop deportations

Deportation March

Josie Huang/KPCC

More than 150 activists descended on the the steps of the federal detention center in downtown Los Angeles to push the Obama administration to stop deportations.

Deportation march

Josie Huang/KPCC

Deportation march

Josie Huang/KPCC

Deportation march

Josie Huang, 89.3 KPCC

Deportation march

Josie Huang/KPCC

Deportation march

Josie Huang/KPCC

Waving banners and chanting, more than 150 immigration activists marched through downtown Los Angeles Wednesday demanding President Obama use his executive power to stop deportations.

With immigration talks at a standstill in Congress, activists have intensified pressure on the president to halt forced removals, which are coming up on 2 million since 2008.

"The president can do a lot to stop the suffering of families," said Neidi Dominguez, after marchers reached the federal Metropolitan Detention Center downtown for a rally. 

Dominguez, who represents car washers, said, "the message for today is: President Obama, we want you to stop the deportations as a downpayment. Do this now. You don't need Congress to do this."

President Obama has been fueling speculation about changes to White House deportation policy, since a March 13 meeting with the Congressional Hispanic Caucus, during which he said his administration would review immigration laws, and find how to “more humanely” enforce them.