How immigrants are redefining 'American' in Southern California

In immigration news: Obama's year-end take, organ transplants, farm labor, and more

Farm workers harvest Pinot Noir wine gra


California growers fear a labor shortage under the president's new immigration orders.

Despite Election Defeat, Obama Sees Room To Push His Agenda - NPR In a wide-ranging interview with NPR, Pres. Obama said he knows there are Republicans who are open to immigration reform because they voted for a Senate bill that had more reach than his executive action. But he recognized a "nativist trend" in the GOP: "If your view is that immigrants are either fundamentally bad to the country or that we actually have the option of deporting 11 million immigrants, regardless of the disruptions, regardless of the cost, and that that is who we are as Americans, I Previewreject that."

California farm labor shortage feared from new rules - Associated Press Groups like the trade association Western Growers say Obama's immigration order may lead farmworkers to leave seasonal farm work for, according to the story, "steady, year-round work building homes, cooking in restaurants and cleaning hotel rooms." The trade group estimates it already has a 15 to 20 percent shortage of farmworkers.


In immigration news: Executive action hiring, CA to driver's issue licenses, deportations to Cuba, and more

Santiago De Cuba Prepares For Visit Of Pope Benedict XVI

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Will Cuba take deportees from the US under re-established diplomatic ties?

US Agency Hiring 1000 After Obama's Immigration Order - New York Times U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services has hired 1,000 new employees who will process applications for the millions expected to benefit under the president's executive action. The yearly lease for an office to house these new workers is nearly $8 million and salaries will top $40 million. During a speech in Los Angeles last week, the head of USCIS said that already 5,000 people had applied for the openings.

Obama actions leave immigrants excited but nervous - Baltimore Sun The Obama administration is trying to allay fears about joining programs under the president's executive action. From the story: "Some are concerned about the future of the controversial program. Others may face difficulty documenting that they meet its requirements. Advocates are worried that some may become victims of fraud before they even get the chance to apply."


In immigration news: Ankle bracelets, Arpaio lawsuit fails, border surge continues

Mercer 14338

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Mexican immigrants walk through the desert after illegally crossing the U.S.-Mexico border. A new pilot program by the Department of Homeland Security places ankle bracelets on some immigrants with the thinking that they will report back to immigration authorities.

GPS used to track some immigrants caught at border - Associated Press The Department of Homeland Security is trying out ankle bracelets on immigrants after they've been released from custody. The idea is to make sure they report back to immigration officials, according to a Immigration and Customs Enforcement document obtained by the AP.  The wire service also acquired an audio recording of a meeting between a DHS official and immigrant advocates, in which the official said about 70 percent of immigrant families in the country illegally did not report back to ICE. 

Arizona Sheriff Loses Bid to Block Obama on Immigration - Bloomberg A U.S. district court judge has thrown out a lawsuit by Arizona Sheriff Joe Arpaio, in which he argued he was harmed by Obama's executive action because more immigrants arrested by his department would be protected from deportation, and end up committing more crimes.  The judge said in court Monday that "deferred-removal programs such as those Obama announced have been around since the 1970s and that much of Arpaio’s suit was a sweeping attack on administration policy, not a complaint focused on specific legal grievances."


In immigration news: Tenn. joins multi-state lawsuit, Arpaio lawsuit, church as sanctuary

Immigrant Sanctuary

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Angela Navarro, who is facing a deportation order issued 10 years ago, has found sanctuary at a Philadelphia church.

Tenn. joins multistate lawsuit over immigration - Associated Press Tennessee has become the 25th state to join a lawsuit challenging President Obama's immigration orders. The state attorney general Herbert Slatery said in a statement that the state “cannot sit on the sidelines of this case, when unlawful directives of this magnitude grant lawful presence and other rights like work permits to such a large number.” Immigrant rights advocates estimate 50,000 people in the state would qualify for help under executive action. Obama had chosen to make a speech after his order in Tennessee because of its rapidly growing Latino and Kurdish populations.   

Larry Klayman's immigration arguments get skeptical hearing - Politico Conservative legal activist Larry Klayman, who filed a lawsuit against Obama's executive action on behalf of Arizona sheriff Joe Arpaio, presented arguments before Judge Beryl Howell in Washington Monday, but appeared to leave little impact on his case. From the story: .".. her quizzical looks and pointed retorts left little doubt that the legal gadfly’s effort will come up short, at least in her courtroom." Klayman is arguing that Arpaio is being harmed by the president's immigration order because "undocumented immigrants return to jail again and again after the federal government declines to deport them."    


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ICE Holds Immigrants At Adelanto Detention Facility

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A guard sits in the 'segregation block' at the Adelanto Detention Facility on November 15, 2013 in Adelanto, California. A larger facility intended to house family units has now opened in Dilley, Texas, drawing criticism from immigrant advocates.

'Unjust': Rights groups slam spread of facilities for immigrant families - CNN Immigrant rights groups are criticizing the opening of what's being called the largest immigrant detention facility in the country in Dilley, Texas. The new privately run, 2,400-bed facility is intended to "house the surge of 'family units,' or women and children who say they fled extreme violence in their native Central American countries to seek asylum in the United States."

Ariz. sheriff aims to halt Obama immigration order in courtroom battle - CBS News On the lawsuit filed by Maricopa County Sheriff Joe Arpaio, which aims to stop President Obama's recent executive immigration order. The lawsuit claims that "the president violated the Constitution by doing an end-run around Congress and say drastic changes in immigration programs should be stopped."