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Hiking: Griffith Park and Taylor Mitchell

So, I'm going hiking tonight in Griffith Park for a special pre-Halloween hike. As my hiking group's Web site describes it, "Bring glow sticks, bracelets, headbands, or whatever other glowing or blinking accessories you can get your hands on and we'll scare and glow our way around the trails and then through the dark and eerie ruins of the old zoo." I was very excited about this. I then decided to go on the Internet.

What should I happen to come across but this: "Teenage folk singer Taylor Mitchell killed by coyotes." The first paragraph:

"A teenage folk singer has died after being set upon by two coyotes as she hiked alone in a national park in Nova Scotia."

It's a tragic story, and I hesitate to even write about this, and wonder if I'm being sensitive to the situation. From my own limited perspective, it's one that puts a little fright into a late night hike at a park known for its coyotes. Of course, as the article notes, coyotes are generally shy, and I'll also be hiking with a large group. Still, I suppose it's natural to have a little fright going into Halloween.

You can watch the CBC's story on Mitchell's death here:

Taylor Mitchell's "Don't Know How I Got Here":