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Roger Ebert and Twitter

Roger Ebert tragically lost his ability to speak several years ago due to complications from thyroid cancer, but he's still "speaking" online, both via his Web site and on Twitter as ebertchicago. He remains one of the best writers about film, as well as offering interesting insights about the rest of our world. I highly recommend checking out his work.

On a related note, I've recently found a few more of my favorite pop culture figures on Twitter doing an excellent job, including comics legend Stan Lee, piano rocker/Sing-Off judge Ben Folds, and How I Met Your Mother star/awards show host extraordinaire Neil Patrick Harris.

The Internet was supposed to be the great democratizer of media, and then it was blogs, then Twitter, but once again mainstream stars are becoming the ones with the huge follower counts. Of course, great content can make anyone a star, and there are certainly those who've broken out on Twitter and elsewhere on the Internet, like another personal favorite, Felicia Day.

There's still no great leveler. While no new technology will ever live up to our expectations of it, we've seen huge technological progress in our lifetimes. As we enter a new decade, I'm excited to see where all of these formats take us next, and I'll be following anyone who can give me a clue about that future.

Photo: David Livingston/Getty Images