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Prince writes Minnesota Vikings tribute song

I don't know if the Minnesota Vikings are going to the Super Bowl, but I do know they officially have the coolest tribute song. Prince, inspired by the Vikings' victory over the Dallas Cowboys, wrote the song "Purple and Gold" in their honor.

It's a great song, with a bit of a regal quality to it, as well as a marching band feel that fits well for a sports song. I'm not a huge sports fan, but the Vikings are one team that I have a bit of an attachment to, as I went to college in Minnesota and used to sell concessions at the Metrodome to raise money for a club at my college.

I went to one of Prince's three shows he played in one night to promote his last album, and it's great to see the joy and excitement he still brings to his music several decades in. It was the best electric guitar I've ever heard live, and he also still knows how to put on a show.

Listen to the full song, "Purple and Gold" by Prince

Photo: Kristian Dowling/Getty Images for Lotusflow3r.com