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Sen. Scott Brown's daughter Ayla Brown's new EP

Bringing together two current cultural motifs, Ayla Brown, 21-year-old daughter of new Republican Massachusetts Senator Scott Brown, NCAA basketball player, and former American Idol contestant (top 16!), just released a new EP. Her first single is "Pick It Up."

Her association with Scott Brown helped lead to several appearances on Fox News, including this Web exclusive acoustic performance of the song "No More":

As a longtime American Idol fan, I enjoyed her appearance on the show and was rooting for her until she got voted off. I've yet to pick any favorites this year; has anyone caught your eye in the remaining 20 Idol hopefuls?

Finally, Ayla Brown's American Idol appearance, performing "Reflection" by Christina Aguilera:

Link: American Idol
Link: Ayla Brown's American Idol profile page

(via Andrew Sullivan)