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'Glee' flash mobs

Glee's marketing team gets a gold star, as they've been doing all they can to promote the return of Glee after a winter hiatus. Fox has dubbed this "GLEEk Week," and is doing all they can to make the show feel like an event. What's interesting is that they're moving beyond online marketing and taking that into a variety of real world events.

For those of us here in the Los Angeles area, Fox is holding a free outdoor screening at the Grove this Saturday night from 7 to 10 p.m. While I'm a bit skeptical about attending an event with that many people in an area not designed for massive events, it sounds like it could be fun. They're also inviting fans to hold Glee parties, giving away Glee party kits, and are holding a variety of charity benefit screenings this week.

Glee also made an appearance at KROQ's April Foolishness event, with a Glee photo booth. You can check out the results here.

What really caught my eye was the Glee flash mob being planned for Seattle, including instructional videos online for anyone who wants to participate. It's being promoted by Fox online. You can check out details on Facebook. Here's video from the first rehearsal. (Yes, they're holding rehearsals.)

Here's the Glee flash mob that was held in Rome (organized by Fox Italy):

Another Glee flash mob in Tel Aviv. I mean, seriously.

You can check out more of the various pieces of the Fox marketing push here.

(Photo courtesy of Fox.)