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Jon Stewart has words for radical Muslims making threats against South Park's creators

South Park has been in the news recently due to threats against its creators, Matt Stone and Trey Parker, from a radical Muslim website. They responded in an episode of their program and got in a dispute with their network, Comedy Central, over the network choosing to bleep several portions of the episode, including references to Islamic prophet Muhammad.

South Park's creators responded to censorship from the network with a statement, noting that in addition to bleeping Muhammad's name, the show's closing speech "about intimidation and fear" was also bleeped.

The Daily Show's Jon Stewart rallied behind his network-mates on last night's program. It seems like a daring thing to do, and I wouldn't be surprised to see it result in similar threats. Stewart used his power to do a segment like this, even after the network canceled previous plans to repeat even the censored version of the episode and isn't allowing South Park Studios to stream the unedited version on their website. (Warning: Adult language, while bleeped, is part of the segment.)

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